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Value Add Dominos Not WAR Indicates Jameel Warney is All-American

Ed. Note: The following is a (rather technical) guest post about Value Add from its creator John Pudner. I’ve always found his rating system interesting and wanted to share these improvements with others. You can see the full ratings here.

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Canisius, MAAC Shines in Low-Major Value Add Top 100

This is a guest post from John Pudner on mid-season Value Add. You can check out his work on the site. But here’s a dive into some of the teams. (Please note: Low-major is a distinction that Pudner uses to designate the divide in his player rankings. I’m not a huge fan of the moniker, […]

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Looking at the 2013 Ivy League with Value Add

Ed. Note: This is a guest post from the creator of Value Add, John Pudner. A big thanks to him for putting this together. You can watch him speak here.

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Summer Wrap Up: New York’s Best Players According to Value Add

Basketball season is right around the corner and the Value Add metric is starting to pick up steam thanks to a jumpstart from Luke Winn. (You can see some of the work I did with earlier in the summer on this Google link.) One thing I haven’t covered though was the simple question of, “Who was […]

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Jones’ transfer helps, but doesn’t transform, Iona

Now that Lamont “Momo” Jones has agreed to come to Iona and possibly even play during the 2011-12 season, the Gaels are being talked about as not only the MAAC’s (and NYC’s) top team, but a sleeper to make a deep NCAA Tournament run. It really seems like people are getting ahead of themselves and […]

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Looking at conference strength through value add

As a sort of follow up to Cracked Sidewalks’ post about the Top 16 teams using value add I wanted to look at conference strength. Using the formula for returning players I calculated the average team strength for each conference. I also calculated the standard deviation as sort of a way of showing team strength. […]

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Value add likes Columbia’s offense

Is it possible that after finishing right around .500 last season, and 6-8 in league play, Columbia might be a team that’s ready to make the leap in the Ivy League? Well, the one metric that seems to support that theory is offense “value add.” (For more background on the stat see this post and […]

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