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Yale’s Run One For The Ages, And They Knew It

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Like many other seniors in March after a loss that ended their collegiate careers, Brandon Sherrod fought back tears on the postgame NCAA Tournament podium as he was peppered with questions that ranged from inane to sentimental.

However, in Sherrod’s case it was tough to tell whether they were tears of sadness or joy. Knowing Sherrod and his story, I’m going with the latter.

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Yale To Let It Ride In Showdown With Duke

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Most economists and game theorists are adamant that “house money” is a fallacy. No matter how much of a run you’re on or how much you have exceeded what you started with, it makes no sense to risk what you have blindly with little hope of increasing your lot. Continue reading

What do similarity scores say about the top seeds?

When picking a bracket everyone wants to know how good the top seeds are. Which ones should make the Final Four? Go even further? Right now the standard answer seems to be Kentucky. What team though is the one you shouldn’t trust? I used similarity scores to try and determine both the strongest and weakest of the top eight seeds in the tournament this season.

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