Momo Jones coming to Iona

Well, it’s official. Arizona transfer Lamont “Momo” Jones is heading to Iona. He has two seasons of eligibility and with the Gaels ready to win now it looks like Tim Cluess and his staff are going to try and have Jones eligible to play for the 2011-12 season.

There’s a good possibility that it will happen too. Jones’ grandmother is ailing currently and returning to New York to be with her could certainly qualify Jones for a hardship waiver from the NCAA. It’s a delicate process, but one that compliance departments live for and I’m sure the Gaels are already working on the paperwork.

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Hofstra trying to get two quality transfers

Update: Momo Jones is going to Iona according to multiple reports.

I’m going to have a post about the CAA and shooting soon, but I wanted to point out this post over at Mid-Major Madness. Hofstra is in the running for two key transfers for the 2012-13 season – former UConn guard Jamal Coombs-McDaniel and former Arizona guard Lamont “Momo” Jones.

Iona has been rumored as a possible landing spot for Jones as well and it’s possible he could play in 2011-12 if he’s able to get a hardship waiver. Teams are clamoring over the former NYC product, but I think Coombs-McDaniel is actually the better player.

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Looking at conference strength through value add

As a sort of follow up to Cracked Sidewalks’ post about the Top 16 teams using value add I wanted to look at conference strength. Using the formula for returning players I calculated the average team strength for each conference. I also calculated the standard deviation as sort of a way of showing team strength. The chart is here, my thoughts are after the break.

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Charles Jenkins and seniors in the NBA Draft

Ballin’ is a Habit is the latest site to profile Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, but BIAH has Bjorn Zetterberg of doing the previews and he’s doing a real thorough job, so check it out. Interestingly, Zetterberg has Jenkins in the Mid-to-Late First Round.

If that’s the case, then some NBA team is probably going to be getting a reliable contributor. Justin Young over at National Hoops Report has some good stats about seniors in the NBA Draft. Hopefully NBA teams will heed the advice and Jenkins will end up getting a nice reserve role for a quality NBA team next season.

Updates to NEC and Ivy League value added posts

The best part about the internet is that people keep building on the work that others are doing. Today on Cracked Sidewalks is a post about predicting the future using value add and there’s a lot there you should check out. Using some of those concepts I wanted to update my posts about the NEC and the Ivy League before moving on.

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Surprise at the top of NEC value added rankings

This afternoon on Twitter I got asked about the Value Added rankings for the NEC. Long Island is the defending champion and is going to be returning a number of players, including 6’7 forward Julian Boyd, from a team that ranked 118th in Ken Pomeroy’s rankings last season and went 27-6 (16-2). Thus the Blackbirds should be the favorite again in 2011-12, right? Not so fast suggests value added.

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What would an A10-CAA Challenge look like?

It’s time to start talking about 2011-12 schedules and everyone likes a good challenge, like one between two conferences. The Big Ten and ACC have made their challenge the premiere event, but couldn’t smaller conferences stage their own? The Missouri Valley and Mountain West Conference are trying, but a more interesting one is proposed by Mike Miller. What if the CAA and Atlantic 10 took the time to schedule a 12-game event?

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Value Added in the MAAC

Next season is shaping up to be a really interesting one in the MAAC. Out of the 10 teams in the conference six will be legitimate postseason candidates and at least three could do damage in the NCAA Tournament if they make it that far.

The first step in evaluating who might come out on top of that logjam is taking a look at returning players. Most observers think that since Iona is returning Michael Glover and Scott Machado the Gaels are the team to beat, but looking at the value added for returning players gives a different result.

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