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NIT Bracketology: Feb. 10, 2016

Well, I broke down and LSU is currently in the NCAA tournament bracket as one of the last at-large bids.

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NIT Bracketology: Jan. 25, 2016

Conference play has brought a ton of changes to the NIT bracket. The biggest drops? Northwestern, which is now out, and Georgia, which is now a seven seed.

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NIT Bracketology: January 1, 2016

Another year, another set of NIT bracketology. Conference season is upon us and that means we have enough data to start projecting the NCAA tournament and NIT fields.

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NCAA Tournament Picks

I solicited NCAA tournament picks from our writers. Thus far four of us have been bold enough to share. If I get more I’ll add them here.

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NIT Bracketology: The Final Edition

The NIT bracket looks sealed after UConn’s loss in the American Athletic Conference final. The Huskies look like they’ll be playing at home again soon though.

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Three Questions For The NIT Selection Committee

If I had a Selection Sunday genie who could grant me three wishes related to the NIT bracket ā€” well that would be really weird ā€” but here are the three questions I would ask this season.

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NIT Bracketology: March 13

Let’s talk about Murray State.

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NIT Bracketology: March 9

Note: The NIT bracket has a new permanent home. I’ll still be posting with thoughts, but that will always have my most recent bracket. We’re coming down the home stretch. This is latest and greatest in NIT bracketology.

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NIT Bracketology – March 2

Note: The new bracket is out here. March and the ensuing madness have arrived! There are only two weeks until Selection Sunday and here’s how I see the field breaking down as March 1. I’ve also broken down and included Kansas State and Florida. I think it’s highly unlikely that either team would be included […]

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NIT Bracketology: Feb. 22

Note: There is a new NIT bracket out. First off. There are two teams not in this latest edition of NIT bracketology that I probably have to explain. Both Florida and Kansas State aren’t in my 32 NIT teams. Why? Because neither currently projects to have a winning record.

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