NEC Fast Break Season 2, Episode 5

Ryan Peters once again joins me to talk about all things NEC.

This week we talk about:

  • LIU Brooklyn’s 2-0 weekend in western Pennsylvania.
  • Wagner’s Michael Carey playing his best basketball of the season.
  • All of the talented freshmen in the NEC.
  • What we’re looking forward to with¬†Thursday’s games.

Theme music by Rob Casal.

2 thoughts on “NEC Fast Break Season 2, Episode 5

  1. Mount88

    Interesting note from Ron Ratner after I questioned his decision of the Mount’s Miles Wilson not being picked as rookie of the week:
    “The nominations for weekly awards come from the schools, then we make the picks. It was the Mount’s decision not to nominate anyone this week.”

  2. MSM98

    Like Ryan and John – it has been a while since there have been so many quality freshmen in this league. Future looks bright for the NEC, provided that the schools can keep these guys close to home!

    Big one in Emmitsburg this Thursday (FDU). Would be great to have a packed house!!


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