The Mid-Major Podcast: Episode 5

In the fifth edition of The Mid-Major Podcast from Big Apple Buckets one of the super writers from The Mid-Majority Season 9, Ray Curren, stops by to chat about what he’s thus far while traveling around the Northeast and beyond. Of course there’s also your typical podcast fare as Ryan Peters and I dissect the NEC after he had a chance to see six teams in one day. We also touch briefly on the Patriot League’s odd season.

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You can also subscribe on iTunes. Voting for Ray’s pieces also help Hickory Picket Fences in The Mid-Majority game. You can find all of his articles here. (A couple we talked about are here and here.) We didn’t talk about it on the podcast, but I’d highly recommend this one.

2 thoughts on “The Mid-Major Podcast: Episode 5

  1. Sam

    Hey John…

    I really enjoyed yours and Ryan’s Podcast today..

    One thing that should be noted is that Brickman is now number 2 in the country in assists and Gaetono is number 5.

    A lively discussion has been taking place on Nelson’s board as to whether LIU should incorporate a 2-3 zone into their regular game plan..

    Even though LIU has always gone with a man defense..I think that by going zone at various points in the game can only help thier defense..and if they went zone early it might keep Olasaware and Reed out of early foul trouble..

    Two years ago with what was arguably their best team.. they often used the zone to close out close games…Of course that was a bigger team with Hicks and Johnson.

    I myself prefer a 1-2-2 or a box and one against certain teams..but in any case What does LIU have to lose by playing more zone?…I can’t imagine their defense being worse than it already is… and if properly employed it will not slow the pace at which they play …



    1. jtemplon Post author

      I mentioned in the podcast, but I’m going to have more about Brickman and Gaetano tomorrow. Going to break down their passing trends in terms of places, people and games that they pass to. Also going to do a bit of a breakdown of Brickman pre and post Julian Boyd, which I think could be particularly revealing.

      I think there are a few NEC teams you can zone effectively (Wagner, Quinnipiac) come to mind in terms of the upper tier ones. Most though have shooters that will make you pay dearly. It may benefit LIU to go zone against some teams, though I wonder how the Blackbirds would rebound out of a zone D. That’s typically a problem, because your back is to the basket in most cases and LIU isn’t a particularly good rebounding to start with.

      I think 1-2-2, 1-3-1 and box and one zones can be used occasionally as a change-up or to slow down an opponent, but when you have the best athletes on the court – which is often the case for LIU – you should be able to play man and slow down the other team. It’s often a matter of commitment.

      I’d also say, LIU’s overall defensive numbers are hurt by a few games in which they were trailing and tried to go to the press. The Blackbirds’ press really struggles – it’s obvious they don’t practice it a ton – and I think that’s inflated the numbers a bit. But even in NEC play LIU is basically just outscoring opponents. It’s worked pretty well thus far. When you have guys like Garner, Olasewere and Brickman you still out score a lot of teams.


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